The Organisation is a band

dedicated to playing fabulous live music,

music with great lyrics and wonderful


If you imagine the music of Cole Porter

and George Gershwin, Irving Berlin and

Antonio Carlos Jobim, and the great songs

performed by the likes of Ella Fitzgerald,

Nat King Cole, Judy Garland and Frank Sinatra and you have a fair picture of the

music you will enjoy hearing The Organisation perform.  Everything is done with

style and sophistication to give your event that musical five star feel.

Why we are “The Organisation”

We are called The ‘Organ’isation because the band was founded by top international electronic, jazz and theatre organist Michael Wooldridge, using the very latest modern digital organs at the heart of the arrangements to give a large band sound and feel without the cost of hiring a full band.  Because an organist plays bass with his feet, having organ and drums instantly gives you a bigger, fuller sound than piano, bass and drums, and besides delivering the incredibly exciting and entrancing real Hammond sound, also recreates many other instruments and styles. Whilst our standard line-up sees Michael team up with fabulous vocalist Emily Matthews and top drummer Gareth Thompson, other guests are available, including suave and sophisticated vocals from Rat Pack specialist Richard Ratcliffe and various top instrumentalists on guitar, trumpet, trombone and saxophone. If you prefer, instead of using the organ, we also are happy to use your own piano or can bring a top of range touring Yamaha digital piano to you.
music for you

From the 1930s right through

to the present day, the

Hammond organ has been

associated with the world of

jazz.  From late night

sessions in smoky bars

through to jumping hot

grooves, the sound is warm,

distinctive and magical.

Until recent times to have a real Hammond you needed a van, a road crew and speakers the size of small wardrobes.  Now, using modern sampling technology, Hammond have developed their stunning XE range, which allows The ‘Organ’isation to bring a real Hammond to your party, with all the excitement and depth it adds to the sound of a band.  Better still, as well as the classic Hammond sound, it also has sampled sounds of saxes, trumpets, guitars and vibes, so from one instrument you can enjoy the sounds of a full band playing for you.
The Hammond Organ

If you prefer the sound of the

grand piano, we can bring a

top grand piano to your

venue, just digitally! 

As sampling technology has raced forwards, it has become possible to have the sound of the very finest grand piano recreated electronically.  When suitable for your occasion, The ‘Organ’isation will provide a Yamaha Digital Piano, which allows the audience the joy of hearing a grand piano but without the need for removal men and tuners!
The Touring Grand Piano
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